From JR Osaka Station (JR-A47, JR-G47, JR-O47)

Please exit the ticket gate of JR Osaka Station Midosuji Gate, and turn left.
Let’s go from “Midosuji North Gate” !

You can see this descending escalator in front of you.

Please descend to B1.

When getting down, you can see the display “↑For Chayamachi”.
Please proceed in the direction of the arrow.

Keep going.

On your right side, you can see the North ticket gate of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Umeda Station.

Go forward to the slope.

You can see the display “HANKYU SANBANGAI South Area”.
Keep going forward.

On your left side, you can see these descending staircase and escalator.

Please descend to B2.

When getting down, you can see the aisle on your left side of the front.

Go straight ahead through this aisle.

You can see the display “↑UMEDA FOOD HALL”.
From here, you enter HANKYU SANBANGAI North Area.

Going straight through UMEDA FOOD HALL, you can see this staircase going up to B1.

Please go up to B1.

You have arrived at KIDDYLAND!
“Rilakkuma store” and “sumikkogurashi shop” are on 1F.
Other character’s shops are in B1.